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Jroot's Kesher Retreat is an affordable opportunity to escape and connect with your spouse, while learning skills and tools that can empower all of your relationships at home.


Beautiful All Suite Hotel

The program will take place in the beautiful Homewood Suites in Mahwah, NJ. Located 15 minutes from Monsey. This highly reviewed hotel boasts luxurious suites which include a living/dining room, bedroom and kitchen.


Private Dining

Relax and enjoy your shabbos meals with your spouse, without the hustle and bustle of a busy hotel dining room. All suites come with a full kitchen so you can bring your own food, or if you'd rather you can pre-order and receive meals directly to your suite before Shabbos. The program will include a coffee and cake station and there will be a joint Kiddush and Melave Malke, which will take place in the conference room.

Program Highlights


Rabbi Yitz Greenfield

 Rabbi Yitz Greenfield, M.S, MFT.  is a well known  lecturer and and expert in cognitive marital communication. Rabbi Greenfield is known for his innovative communication techniques which has empowered hundreds of couples through his workshops and radio show.



Rabbi Maimon Elbaz

 Rabbi Maimon Elbaz is the dynamic  Mechanech, who specializes in innovative ways to train parents how to motivate and inspire children.  Many have gained from his approach, not to mention Rabbi Elbaz’s splendid Torah Shows, which have been featured throughout the world.   


Positive Parenting with Mrs Devirah Greenfield

Mrs Devirah Greenfield, M.S. SAS, is a reknowned educator and principal. She  has helped empower many parents with effective skill to connect to their children.  Mrs. Greenfield's approach on dealing with today's teens has helped transform many parent/teen relationships. 

topics covered


How to  to maintain a consistent loving atmosphere at home!

Is there an Operation  Manual for your spouse?

"Stop the Fighting" - How to Prevent, Negotiate, and Resolve your Conflicts. 

Getting the love and respect you deserve.

Understanding your spouse's Love Language.

Learn to talk in a way in which  he will finally listen.

When your in laws are getting in the way.

Finding time to connect with your spouse when its just so hectic.

Turning your spouses complaints into compliments.

Magically becoming your spouses priority.

Many other topics.


Promoting happy children

How being in touch with yourself, makes for a better parent

Dealing with difficult teens

Is there anything wrong with a little criticism

When you give them love , but they are still so challenging

Dealing with Sibling rivalry

Helping bullied children

Understanding your child's love language

When your spouse is not on the same page with chinuch

Shabbos table tips

A little potch, is it OK? and other discipline tactics

Many other topics

Fequently asked questions


What is Jroot's Kesher Retreat?

Jroot's Kesher Couple's Retreat is a affordable opportunity  to escape and connect with your spouse, while learning skills and tools that can transform and empower all your relationships at home. It is sponsored by Jroot Events, which is the programming division of Jroot Radio. 

Check in is on Friday,  Dec. 14th @ 3pm and the program will end late Motzei Shabbos after a Melave Malke. Couples are welcome to stay Motzei Shabbos and Sunday morning till 12pm.

Who is it for?

Kesher is designed  for any frum couple that wants an affordable and powerful getaway. The program allows you to relax with your spouse while transforming and empowering  your relationships at home. Whether you are Litvish, Chassidish, Sephardic, Modern Orthodox or other, you are welcome and will Be'h have a relaxing and empowering weekend. The program is geared for all couples. Single parents are also welcome.

Are children allowed?

The program is designed for married couples or single parents. Only infants are allowed, so long as they do not disturb the classes. Babysitting may be available.

What is meant by private dining?

The  program is crafted to allow for alone time with your spouse while learning skills to empower your family relationships. All suites have beautiful living/dining room areas with full kitchens. Dining is private with your spouse and/or bring along your friends and share some meals. You can bring your own food or let us know at checkout that you are interested in a food package and we will email you the options we have available to deliver to your suite on Friday afternoon. Lectures and Minyanim will be held in conference rooms. There will be a joint kiddush and Melave Malke.

How is the program so affordable?

Regular Shabbos getaways cost in the upward of $1,000 or more. Kesher was created as an affordable option for couples through utilizing Jroots vast network of speakers and eliminating the expensive burden of a caterer.

Do I have time to make reservations?

The program is limited to 30 couples, and we expect to fill up very fast. In addition, our introductory  early bird registration has limited room availability. We suggest you book early before the program is filled.

Conference Guide

Files coming soon.

Contact Info

Jroot's Kesher Weekend - Call/Text/Whatsapp

 (917) 773-8581 


Retreat Address - Homewood Suites Mahwah

375 Corporate Drive, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430, United States

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